Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Waiting...more waiting

I think our homestudy is finally done!  I should be able to pick up the notorized copies tomorrow.  Then I will be able to mail in our I800 application.  Please pray that it gets processed quickly.  I am getting very anxious to meet Stephen.  We are not exactly sure when this will happen, possibly around April.  Once we get our I800 back, we will be ready to send in our Dossier.  We have everything else ready....so we are just waiting!

We have been very busy with our normal activities around here.  Caitlin started voice lessons recently, preparing for her next audition in March.  Colton is still loving Tae Kwon Doe, he just got a new belt last week and was moved to the big kid class.  Payton had auditions for the school talent show this week. 

I am in the middle of class art projects for our school's gala.  This annual auction is a huge fundraiser for our school.  I really like the project I am doing for 6th grade, but need to finish it this week.  I also have been working on a tea that I am helping with for National Charity League.

Colton and I spent the day at Memorial Herman hospital having more test done.  He had another EMG and a series of 3 different MRIs.  Little guy was sedated for about 7 hours (which may be why he is wide awake now)  Please pray for the results of these tests.  We are praying that they find something that is causing his nerve damage.  We want them to find something, so hopefully there will be something they can do about it!