Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dossier Translated!

I got word last night that our dossier has been translated and is currently being authenticated.  It should be submitted next week.  What that means is..... we should get travel dates in about 3 weeks and could possibly meet our son in about 6-7 weeks!  We are so excited!

It does get a little scary.  All we have of this 5 year old boy is one picture.  One picture.   I can't wait to see what he is like, who he is, what things he likes, and what he doesn't.  I can't wait to hold him, to teach him and to love him.   He has been without love for so long, I can't wait to give him the kind of love he should have gotten all along.

Financially, it means we still need help.  To be funded for our first trip and for the agency fee that is due as soon as we return, we still need to raise $3360.  Our account on Reece's Rainbow needs to be at $7600.  We know that God will take care of this!  This was his plan all along, not ours.  So far, we have paid cash for all our expenses, but we are at the point of needing help!  The $7600 will cover most of our first trip along with a $4000 payment on our return.

This last week has been good.  We have done "spring" stuff.  Planted our garden.  New baby chicks (along with added security for the chicken coop). 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dossier Sent and Spring Break

Our completed dossier was sent by fedex to Eastern Europe last Tuesday.  It was delivered on Friday to our attorney.  We only have Steven named on it, but did put we are open to another child also.  We have found several children that would be great with our family, but they have all been listed with other agencies.  I have found that agencies don't like to share kids (which is sad...since the whole purpose is to find families for them).  We have been brokenhearted several times, but we know that if God has planned for us to adopt 2, he will make it clear which child.

Our kids are on Spring Break this week.  On Saturday, we headed up to the Dallas area and spent the evening with Troy's dad.  Sunday morning, we drove to Murfreesboro, Arkansas.  We stayed in a cabin there for two nights.  One day we visited Old Washington Historic State Park.  It was a really neat town that has over 30 restored building that you can tour from the early 19th century. 

Years ago, we heard about the crater of diamonds mine and thought our kids would love it...going and looking for diamonds.  So, we planned this trip with the crater of diamonds as our main stop.  Well, we were wrong.  It was cold, wet and muddy.  There was lots of whining and no diamonds.  Colton and Aubryn were covered with mud and were great.

That evening we headed to a beautiful lake and then went out to a great dinner.  Our vacation was short, but gave us some much needed, relaxed time together.

One the way home, we stopped in West Monroe, LA.  My duck dynasty fans got to shop and meet part of the Robertson family.  I thought it was funny that she asked, "are y'all all one family?"