Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week One- Meeting Stephen

Our week with Stephen went by so fast. We enjoyed every minute of it. Monday morning at 7:30 we drove from our hotel in the capital city to Stephen's city. It was about a two hour drive. We quickly checked into our new hotel and rushed out to some sort of government building where we met him. He was a few minutes late and we were getting anxious. When he came up, we couldn't believe it was him. He was walking! We quickly said hello and then were rushed into a room. We spent the next hour and a half getting to know him while our attorney talked and figured out our schedule for the week. Initially, this time was tough, he didn't want to have much to do with us, but by the end of the first visit, we were able to laugh and play with him and were getting good hugs!

Following this visit, Nina , his foster mom, allowed us to play with him at the park. We were allowed to do this throughout the week at his visits, so we really got to learn some good information about him. First of all, he loves rocks. He loves to dig them, shovel them, and especially throw them. He really likes to play alone, hopefully that will change with time. He walks well, but will need some type of orthotics and therapy. He specks, but we really don't have a clue what is words and what is just sounds.

Stephen loves the carousel, he loves to swing and also bubbles. He lets you know when he does not like something, but is easily consoled. He is pretty strong-he has a death grip on the carousel! He loves to wear hats!
We grew pretty attached to this little guy. It was very hard to leave him. He is in a foster home where he is loved, so that did make it easier. We know that he will be well cared for. We are even going to get to Skype with him!

During our week, we were also able to have a little fun! We visited the Rila monastery which was built in 1432. It was beautiful

On the way there, we had a great lunch of trout and potatoes at a neat restaurant on the mountainside. They had great creme brûlée, but I didn't order one. I will not fail to order dessert again on this trip.
We were also able to visit the orphanage that Stephen lived in for about three years.

We enjoyed our time and were able to make some great friends during the week!

We can't wait to go back for this boy!