Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thank you!!!!

I want to thank whoever was the donor/ donors yesterday! We are so blessed by your generosity! We are currently only 2150 short from being fully funded. This adoption has been a long, hard journey. We have put so much time and energy into it- combined with the emotional part- it has been overwhelming for us! Your contribution not only help financially, but also encourages us emotionally through it all. Thank you!!!

I don't know if I have shared we have court nov 5! In less than 2 weeks I will have 7 kids... That is scary.

Colton had his tendon release/ tendon transfer 2 weeks ago. He is a tough kid. He still gets very tired and does have some pain. I love that guy...what a fighter!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Today is the day!!

This morning, I woke at 4:45 to a great e-mail from our attorney.  We learned that we have gotten an signature from the Minister of Justice and that we have a court date.  November 5!  In 4 weeks, there will officially be 2 new members of our family.  We expect to travel about 4 weeks after court to pick up the boys.  So, hopefully they will be here at the beginning of December.  God is good!  We are so excited that most of our waiting is over.

We are so thankful that God has blessed us.  This was not an adventure that I saw coming, but I am so glad that we are on it.  I know there will be lots of difficult times once they are home.  It will be a huge adjustment for everyone...but an adjustment that is worth making.  I know that we were not called to live "easy" lives- simply serving ourselves.  I know that God has called us to do so much more.  No, we can not save all the orphans, or even make any dent in the huge orphan crisis.  But, we can change the lives of two little boys.  These little boys will now have a mommy and daddy to love them.  Someone to comfort them when they are upset.  A family to love them.  We can make a difference for them.

Please pray...
1.  court goes smoothly
2.  We raise funds needed for pick up trip ( about $4700 still needed- Reece's rainbow account needs to be at 14,800)
3.  Able to finish up house projects
4.  Transition once home goes well for everyone!

Colton is having surgery on Wednesday.  He is good with everything and knows it will help.  He is having a tendon release and tendon transfer.  We expect him to be having a bone lengthening surgery also within next few months.

We have gotten a lot done on our house.  All the kids are in the correct rooms with the right furniture.  We were able to get closet systems installed and eliminate most of the dressers- this will help adding room to shared bedrooms.  This weekend a wall needs to come down- should be fun!

Sweet Aubryn and I spent a little while watching videos of the boys.  This is something I have only allowed myself to do a few times...but it was wonderful getting to see them.  Little girl is excited about them, she talks about them constantly, but she is getting nervous too.  She gets very upset when talking about me going to get them.  Today we bought a few little things for them (toothbrushes, cups) and she was not happy that they were not for her.