Adoption Expenses

$3500- commitment fee to About a Child- Paid

$135- certified birth certificates-Paid

$63- certified marriage license- Paid

$20- FBI fingerprinting- Paid

$52- FAST fingerprinting- Paid

$25- notary- Paid

$10- shipping- Paid

$1000- homestudy- Paid

$890- USCIS I800 application fee- Paid

$34.3- shipping-Paid

$51- Caring Hands- Apostilled FBI Clearances-Paid

$10- notary-Paid

$70- apostille-Paid

$5500- second payment to about a child-Paid


$125- fedex 2nd committment forms-Paid

$2000- payment to About a Child- Paid

$85- corrections to homestudy fedexed and apostilled- Paid

$24- notary and shipping-paid

$30- apostilled documents- paid

Upcoming fees

$6000-last payment to about a child- paid


200ish-children's medical exam in Bulgaria

$720-USCIS I800-paid

TRIP ONE estimate $4800- paid

TRIP TWO estimate $6000

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