1st week of October-Tiffany found picture of Steven and showed family

Oct.26th-  Troy and Tiffany talked and decided to get more information about Steven

Oct. 29th-  requested information from Reece's Rainbow about Steven

Nov. 4th- filled out agency application with About a Child

Nov. 24th-  notorized commitment documents sent to country

Nov. 29th- FACTS fingerprinting for homestudy

Dec. 5- FBI fingerprinting

Dec. 7th - physicals

Dec. 12th-  home study home visit

Jan. 19- received FBI background checks

Jan. 22- mailed FBI background checks to Washington DC to be Apostilled

Jan.29-mailed I800A application in

Feb. 21- Biometrics appointment for I800

Feb.28-  USCIS 1-800a approval received

March 4- Troy drove to Austin to get documents Appostilled

March 5- dossier en route to Steven's country

March 8- dossier in country

March 22- dossier translated, authenticated and ready to submit...Shelley sent me info on new boy available, so holding dossier

March 25- received more pictures and videos on boy#2, made decision to commit

March26- drove to Austin to appostille commitment documents, fedexed to country

March 29- documents arrived in country

April 5-dossier submitted

May 10- received written referral and travel dates

May 25-June 8- trip 1

June 13- sent 1800 into USCIS

June 17- realized I sent check for wrong amount to USCIS- waiting to get it back

June 24- sent I800 application back to USCIS with correct check

July 9- sent final documents to be appostilled and sent to country

July 11- I800 approved and sent to country

August 7- dossier submitted and waiting on signature

October 7- received signature and court date of November 5

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