Saturday, March 15, 2014

3 months home

Stephen and Brayden have been home for 3 months! It has gone by quickly. They are both doing so well. We have seen so much progress.

Stephen failed his first hearing test and then had tubes put in his ears. He now has about 30 words...he still isn't a kid who likes to talk a lot, but he is coming around. We are going to get his vision tested soon. He is doing very well going to the potty. He loves to help in the kitchen and loves to eat. He is a very sweet and loving little guy.

Brayden is also doing well, but it will be a much slower process with him. We have been to Shriners, but are currently waiting to see the neurologist and the geneticists. He needs therapy, but we are on waiting lists. I didn't think it would take this long to get things started for him. We also are discovering that his past may have been a little harder than we thought. Our little guy has a lot to overcome, but he is very happy and seems to love his family.

This time has been wonderful, yet very hard. We have faced challenges we never saw coming. We are blessed... God has carried has through.

There have been many smiles. We are blessed.

There have been many tears. We are blessed.

There have been many changes. We are blessed.

Change is hard. We are blessed.

We know God planned for Stephen and Brayden to be part of our family. We are blessed.

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