Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gotcha Day Pictures

Finally....I am finally getting things a little bit under control here at home with our new kids.  I will update more, but first I want to add pictures of our trip.
 We woke up to a beautiful snow covered city

 Walking up to Brayden's orphanage.  Feeling very nervous...
 They changed Brayden's clothes.  Fussed at me for not bringing him several layers and then brought him to us.  What a sweet little guy!

 Busting him out of the orphanage forever!  What an amazing moment!  How this boy's life will change

 so excited that he is finally ours!

 Snowy roads leading to Stephens city
 Stephen and his foster mom.  She was very sad he was leaving, but they knew exactly how to deal with the change to help him
 Sweet goodbyes

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