Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homeward Bound

Wow! Hard to believe we are headed home with two boys after 13 months of paperwork and imagining what they would be like.

These two weeks have been great, and they have been hard. I did blog, but they were lost. I will go back when we get home and add pictures. Stephen is a great kid, he is smart but nonverbal. He is probably on a 3 yr old level. He will accomplish a lot.

Brayden's medical issues are really a lot more than I expected. In addition to orthopedic issues I believe he has a lot of neuro issues that need taken care of quickly. He is a funny little guy and I think he likes having a mom. He is also nonverbal right now.

Both boys have their moments, but are well behaved. Both have some institutional behaviors we will have to work through. Brayden doesn't know how to play with toys. I have gotten weird looks from people on this trip for letting him play with bowls and plastic cups. I just wish I had the nerve to tell these people that he has only been out of the orphanage for 10 days and no one has ever shown him how to play. I hope he will learn to e a child soon and enjoy his new life.

I am nervous going home. I am nervous about how all the people who are part of our world will react to these boys. I know at home there will be a transition, which I pray goes smoothly. Change is always hard, even when it is for good.

Leading up to this trip, we had been very nervous about the ride home. On our first trip, Stephen was pretty busy and we had dreaded the plane. During our time in Bulgaria with the boys, they were pretty well behaved , so we were not as worried. Kids have been screaming throughout this 12 hour flight, but I am happy to say it hasn't been our kids! As soon as the plane lands, they will be the two newest American citizens!

The beginning...

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