Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gotcha Day is Here!

We started this process a little over a year ago and the day is finally here. In three short hours, we will pick up Brayden and then drive 4 hours to pick up Stephen and life as we've known it will be changed. I wish we could say that we have been heroic (for lack of a better term at 6AM) thru this process and rock solid but this is not as easy on us as it may appear. We have been thru the fire over the last 6 months since our trip to meet the boys in May. While we knew this was God calling us to action, we had it confirmed by the work of Satan himself. What do I mean by this? As long as we are too busy and too distracted to do the work of building The Kingdom, then he has us right where he wants us...we are no threat to him. But when it comes to the possibility of adding souls to eternal life that otherwise weren't headed that direction, then he goes to work. Our commitment to bringing a better life to these two boys was tested immensely over the last several months. I thank God that over the last several weeks he has given us new energy and strength in this commitment and has brought some relief from the discouragement, testing, etc. that had us ready to throw in the towel. Even this morning, we joked about catching a taxi and sneaking back home. It's not because we don't care for these boys but it is a big commitment. We've known from the beginning of this process that this was God's calling and we have to answer. Still there is a level of anxiety that comes with answering his call but we know he will provide...that is our God...we have not been called to a life of luxury, we must work to build his kingdom until our time is over so we are full of joy and nervous as we reach the moment of no turning back. We are not sure what the future holds but we know our God will provide and he will deliver and we look forward to doing our part as we are called.

So going back to one of our earliest blogs, consider your part in this effort as we will need your help and commitment to raise them.

Something I've thought about a lot during this process lately is how much I've been drawn to care for these two boys over the last year. I really don't know them well but I care for them and want the best for them and their future. Is this a small sample of the love our God had for us that even though we are not of His chosen people (Jews), He has adopted us into his family thru his Son?

Much more to follow but for now it is time for " Gotcha Day"...

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  1. Well said. You will indeed find the Lord to continue to provide what you need each day, each hour--even after you all are home (that's when the real work begins, right?!). Thank you for sharing your heart! Praying for you now as you prepare to meet your boys!!

  2. Hi! I'm sure you have a lot going on since getting the boys home (and the holidays) but I sure hope you will give an update when you are able! I have followed your journey for several months and am interested to know how they are doing - how all of you are doing! Prayers for you as you are still adjusting. God bless!
    ~Katie (a Texan in Michigan)